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so... you're interested about us.

let's just say this: a kid received an idea and had way too much free time. drop that kid in the middle of a pandemic and this happens. is the result of a radio nerd, namely iowaneasfan, having a bit of free time and an idea. this idea involved a media player, a cheap ass vps, and an installation of icecast 2.

this is also the result of giving someone access to the streams of various college radio stations. put them in an area where reception to a college station is weak at best, and they'll find a way to enjoy their college radio music.

give the same kid an emergency alert system encoder, and now they have even more of a reason to take to the virtual airwaves.

give that kid too much free time, and the town of 200 they live in is now its own radio market, served by someone with a mixer board and a bit of music on repeat.

who knows? maybe that kid will help keep an actual radio station up and running in the future. maybe they'll run their own.

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